Correct Toes


The majority of people spend their days wearing shoes that are not designed for proper foot care. Most conventional shoes lack the support and architecture for the foot’s natural shape. Instead, they often constrict the feet into tight, sometimes painful positions. This footwear leaves lasting negative effects for many people. Correct Toes were designed to reverse that.

What are Correct Toes?

Correct Toes were designed by Dr. Ray McClanahan, DPM, and are one of the tools we are proud to offer to patients at MOTUS. It’s a very simple device with four dividers designed to fit in between the five toes. The piece is made with flexible silicone that’s comfortable but firm enough to hold the toes into a spread position. This is the way that the toes were aligned at birth, when the feet were at their most natural.

Wearing correct toes regularly with weight-bearing activity helps return the feet to proper design and functionality, with many benefits that follow.

How do they work?

If you look at a baby’s feet, you’ll notice that the toes are splayed wide, creating broad support that helps them find their balance. That design is how our feet are meant to work. Correct Toes restore the feet to maximum balance, stability, and strength by holding the toes in a splayed position. When worn regularly, Correct Toes will progressively adjust the foot’s architecture, and the muscles follow suit and adapt to the adjustment. Correct Toes are great to wear during a workout, either barefoot or with healthy footwear. 

They are the only toe spacers designed to be worn during weight-bearing activities. Wearing Correct Toes during periods of rest is helpful, but using them while you’re active goes a long way. Your body’s habits, movements, and postures are easily trained by the repetitive motion that comes in a workout. With Correct Toes on during a workout, your feet will move the way they were meant to, which will help you build strength for consistently healthy movement in the future. To get the greatest benefits from Correct Toes, you’ll need to leave your poor fitting shoes behind in favor of a pair designed for the natural, wide stance of the foot.

Many people spend their entire lives wearing shoes that are bad for their feet. In fact, a study from 2005 showed that incorrectly fitting footwear is extremely common in people ages 62 and older, and a main cause of foot pain.1

What are the benefits of Correct Toes?

Correct Toes are simple and affordable, but their many benefits can make a big impact on a person’s comfort and quality of life.

Their main accomplishment is returning the foot to its natural architecture. Just as braces can gradually adjust the alignment of teeth, Correct Toes can change the alignment of the feet. Over time, regular use will change the structure of the foot, which will become wider to provide better balance and stability. A better alignment will also lead to an improved posture and proprioception, allowing the full body to function better.

In a 2014 study, Adam Richard Kelly proved that the use of Correct Toes combined with healthy footwear will improve dynamic balance in a young and healthy population.2 Better balance means a maximized workout. When feet are using a wider stance, they give a confident foundation for full-body activity. If the feet are compressed inside of poorly designed shoes, the rest of the body will have to compensate.

As Correct Toes adjust the shape of the foot, it encourages the foot to move and flex more. The process stretches and strengthens muscles in the feet and lower legs, and teaches the foot to support itself better over time. Greater foot strength leads to an improved foot function, which enhances your body’s overall musculoskeletal movement.

Ultimately, the many benefits of Correct Toes combine to get your feet back into their natural, healthy condition. In this way, Correct Toes will alleviate pain and fix common foot problems for much less money than surgery.

Are Correct Toes for me?

Almost everyone can benefit from correct toes. The majority of shoes are not designed to accommodate the natural foot shape. Anyone who has spent their life wearing shoes that are too narrow for their feet will find benefits from Correct Toes.Correct Toes can improve some specific common foot problems. If you experience pain from flat feet, plantar fasciitis, bunions, or crooked toes, Correct Toes may be an affordable and effective solution.

Even if you’re not experiencing discomfort, it may be worthwhile to try Correct Toes as a preventative measure. As we’ve outlined, their regular usage can give your feet better strength and functionality, so your whole body will feel better in action.

MOTUS Specialists Physical Therapy is happy to be a supplier of Correct Toes in Orange County. If you’re looking to improve your overall balance, strength, and stability, or to alleviate foot pain, we encourage you to give Correct Toes a try.


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