Portable Ice Heat Bath


Recovering from an injury, surgery, or overtraining? Our full leg ice compression therapy can help you get back on your feet more quickly. With a unique device in house at MOTUS Specialists Physical Therapy Orange County, we offer the benefits of an ice bath and gentle compression through a convenient treatment and recovery method with Aquilo Sports.

What is it?

Compression and cold temperatures are two key tools for faster recovery, and our full leg ice compression therapy has both. Patients who are looking for faster recovery can get the benefits of both cryotherapy and compression therapy at once by wearing a pant-like device that applies low temperatures and compression in a clean, controlled, and convenient way.

At MOTUS, we use Aquilo Recovery Pants that are made to fit snugly on the legs, like a pair of pants. They come in a range of different sizes in order to provide a comfortable fit for all body types. Once the garment is applied, the legs fill with circulating ice water, surrounding all of the leg muscles. You stay completely dry in the process while your skin temperature drops to the optimal temperature. Meanwhile, the addition of the water causes the garment to expand and add extra compression for the complete benefit.

What are the Benefits?

Ice and compression are commonly used in orthopedic medicine, and often applied after a sports injury or during recovery from surgery. The benefits of cryotherapy are well known to reduce pain and improve range of motion. In 2006, a study looked at the effects of cryotherapy on patients recovering from total knee arthroplasty. The study found that those who received cold compression had better pain management and spent less time in the hospital for recovery.1The combination of compression and cold therapy allows for faster recovery by reducing swelling and pain, whether it’s addressing a sprain or a joint surgery.The analgesic effect of low temperatures on the skin are natural and non-invasive. This safe form of pain relief reduces the need for prescription or over-the-counter medications, which can have harmful side effects. Our full leg ice compression therapy can also be an effective way to minimize bruising and calm muscle spasms post injury.

How Does It Work?

Together, ice and compression therapy stimulate the flow of nutrients and fresh blood, reduce edema, and encourage faster healing.

The way by which cold therapy reduces swelling to an area is simple. After an injury or surgery, the body increases the flow of fluids to the affected area. This is what leads to swelling, and it can also cause pain and stiffness. The low temperatures of ice compression therapy counteract this response by narrowing the blood vessels, which reduces blood flow, and in turn reduces the swelling.

Meanwhile, the compression acts as a pump for the blood and lymphatic fluid, and stimulates their flow. This helps oxygen and nutrients to travel to the area, and helps remove cellular waste.

With the swelling reduced and the nutrients increased, the injured tissues have what they need to recover more quickly and efficiently.

Is Full Leg Ice Compression Right For Me?

Our full leg ice compression therapy is useful in many circumstances, from professional athletes wanting faster recovery, to patients dealing with chronic conditions like lymphedema.Ice compression therapy might also be appropriate for you if you’re recovering from an injury like a sprain or a tear. Athletes can put full leg ice compression therapy to use, whether they’re injured or just looking for faster recovery after the every-day workout. A recent study from 2017 looked at the effectiveness of cryocompression therapy on performance and recovery in resistance exercises. It found that the ice compression therapy “resulted in an enhanced recovery process in recreationally resistance trained men.”2Aquilo tested their Recovery Pants on athletes, and found that the application reduced muscle damage and pain, which expedited recovery, improved sleep, and left the athlete feeling more energetic and ready to perform.

Common Injuries & Conditions Treated

In addition to addressing general post-workout fatigue, our full leg ice therapy is used to treat injuries like ankle sprains, muscle tears, or knee sprains.

Full leg ice compression is commonly applied to patients who are undergoing surgeries like ACL repairs or knee arthroplasty. If you have a similar procedure on the horizon, it might be beneficial for you to consult with your medical professional about whether ice compression therapy may be applied for faster recovery.


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2. William H. DuPont et al – The Effects Combining Cryocompression Therapy following an Acute Bout of Resistance Exercise on Performance and Recovery