Low Impact Flooring


When it comes to physical therapy, every detail should count. The smallest adjustments can make the biggest differences in the outcome of your treatment, which is why the team at MOTUS Specialists Physical Therapy is so committed to the little things. We want you to get the most out of your physical therapy, so we built our facility with the most innovative tools from the ground up — starting with SmartCells Flooring.

What is SmartCells Flooring?

SmartCells Flooring is a unique cushioning technology developed with the input of experienced physical therapists for the optimal clinical impact. The simple but advanced design is made up of a highly compressible material that springs back to return energy, effectively reducing fatigue. SmartCells are capable of absorbing the majority of impact, while providing stability for balance. This combination of features is ideal for athletes in training or recovery.

SmartCells technology is part of what makes our Zelus Insoles so exceptional, but you’ll also find their many benefits in our floor mats. The SmartCell Flooring was designed with the physical therapist in mind, as well as the athletic patient. Physical therapy mats come pre-marked with distances that provide a standardized way of keeping track of progress and making accurate biomechanical assessments.

For the patient, SmartCells Flooring provides a balanced, comfortable, and safe foundation for rehabilitation and training.

How does it work?

When free from pressure, SmartCells Flooring has a non-compressed structure that stands on hundreds of tiny, carefully designed cylindrical cells. At impact, this structure compresses while absorbing the pressure of a force, whether it’s a lunge, a walk, a jump, or a fall. When that pressure is reduced, the structure springs back in phase with the body’s movement so that the energy returns to the body.

This innovative design adds value to almost all exercises performed at MOTUS. The SmartCells will absorb up to 90% of an impact, so it takes immense pressure off of joints and causes less stress to injuries during rehab. With its stability and cushioning, it’s the optimal surface for rehabilitation work.

Your therapist will use the markings on the SmartCells physical therapy mats to measure and record your movements. With the visual aid of markings, you’ll have an easy time following instructions and will be able to clearly see how you’re progressing in therapy.

What are the benefits of SmartCells Flooring?

The biggest benefit offered by SmartCells Flooring is its ability to reduce impact by up to 90%. A lower amount of impact puts less strain on all exercise drills, be it jumping, running, or any type of lunging. A 2017 study showed that shock-absorbing sports flooring used with standardised jump tasks provided less impact forces and higher jumps.* These actions are much more gentle on the joints when the SmartCells Flooring is in use.

A reduced impact means that SmartCells Flooring is a safe surface for a potential fall. In 2015, a group published a study that looked at how impact absorbing flooring could reduce injuries from falls in female nursing home residents. They found that the impact absorbing flooring reduced the relative risk of injury from a fall by 59%.**

Although the majority of our patients are far from frail and elderly, this study still applies to the risk of reinjury from a fall during rehabilitation. The last thing you want is for an additional injury to cause a delay in healing. SmartCells Flooring helps protect from that, and keeps you from injuring your joints in repetitive impacts.

With the marked physical therapy mats, you will see clearly measurable results of your progress. It’s easy to stay motivated as you watch yourself grow stronger and more capable.

Who should use SmartCells Flooring?

Essentially any type of exercise benefits from the SmartCells Flooring, from the most basic to the most challenging. Patients who are working on their balance or stability will find it easier to hone in on those skills on this flooring, and will have the benefit of a low-impact surface in case of a fall.

Using SmartCells Flooring can enhance any exercise that focuses on functional movement patterns. This innovative tool has become an intricate part of our trusted physical therapy techniques at MOTUS.


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2. Johanna Gustavsson et al – Investigating the fall-injury reducing effect of impact absorbing flooring among female nursing home residents: initial results