5 Physical Therapy Exercises for Pelvic Floor Health

Drew Morcos, Founder

As the years go by, especially with significant life events like childbirth, the importance of Pelvic Floor, an intricate muscle group, that supports the bowel, bladder, uterus and vagina, becomes more apparent.

While the team at MOTUS is making waves in addressing these concerns, it’s essential for all of us to step up and prioritize our pelvic floor health.

What is the Pelvic Floor

Diving a bit deeper, the pelvic floor isn’t just a part of our anatomy; it’s the linchpin holding many things together. Picture it as the bedrock of a building; without a sturdy foundation, the entire structure could wobble. Acting as a supportive sling, these muscles play a pivotal role in ensuring our vital organs, like the bladder and uterus, stay in place.

Common Pelvic Floor Concerns

Life isn’t always a bed of roses.

Our bodies, especially the pelvic floor, can testify to that. The euphoria of childbirth or the inevitable march of time can sometimes weaken or strain these muscles. Symptoms like incontinence (lack of voluntary control over natural calls) or persistent pelvic pain aren’t just badges of aging or motherhood. They’re our body’s alarm bells, signaling that something’s amiss.

How Does Physical Therapy Aid Pelvic Floor

Physical therapy isn’t reserved for recovering from that twisted ankle during a Seal Beach hiking misadventure. It’s a transformative approach for pelvic floor issues. Armed with the right exercises, you can fortify these muscles and improve bowel and bladder control.

5 Essential Physical Therapy Exercises for Pelvic Floor Strengthening

Deep Breathing and Pelvic Floor Relaxation

Get ready for a focused and deliberate breathing pattern. As you inhale deeply, expect your pelvic floor muscles elongating, similar to the gradual stretch one feels upon waking. Upon exhaling, sense these muscles contracting in a controlled manner. This exercise promotes a balanced interplay between muscle tension and relaxation, essential for pelvic health. The more deep your breath, the lower the blood flow, which, in turn, relaxes your pelvic floor.

Kegel Exercises

Kegel exercises, widely recognized as one that can help control urinary incontinence, involve a specific contraction of the pelvic muscles. To execute this, imagine the sensation of interrupting the flow of urine. Engage and hold these muscles momentarily, then methodically release them while breathing freely. While doing so, do not flex the muscles in your buttocks or abdomen.

Squats for Pelvic Floor Strengthening

Squats, a fundamental exercise in many fitness regimens, offer benefits beyond leg strengthening. As you lower into the squat position, the pelvic floor muscles are actively engaged. Upon rising, these muscles experience a controlled release. The dual benefit of squats lies in their ability to tone the leg muscles while simultaneously fortifying the pelvic floor. While performing this exercise, keep your back straight but lean a bit forward.

Bridge Pose with Pelvic Floor Engagement

For this exercise, begin by lying supine with knees bent and feet flat on the floor. As you lift your pelvis and hips towards the ceiling, you will feel the engagement of the pelvic muscles. Lower back to the starting position for the muscles to relax. Regular practice of this exercise targets the glutes and enhances the strength and flexibility of the pelvic floor.

Hip Rotations

In either a standing or seated position, execute smooth, circular movements with the hips. This motion serves a dual purpose: it increases hip flexibility and simultaneously fosters coordination of the pelvic floor muscles, ensuring they function in harmony with surrounding muscle groups.

Why Holistic Approach Matters

Our bodies, intricate and interconnected, operate like a symphony, each part contributing to the grand performance. A robust core, agile hips, and a holistic approach to health, such as the 4P approach (Person, Pain, Problem, Plan) we follow at MOTUS, can elevate your pelvic floor’s performance.

Life’s rollercoaster shouldn’t be dampened by pelvic floor concerns. With the right tools in your arsenal, which we provide, and a dash of perseverance, which you need to cultivate, your pelvic floor can be as resilient as ever. So, whether you’re grooving to the beats or relishing a tranquil stroll in Seal Beach, CA, bear in mind – a fortified pelvic floor is your steadfast ally!

And if you ever find yourself at a crossroads, the seasoned experts at MOTUS are poised to guide you.

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