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Our online courses help you master functional movement so you can equip your patients with exercises that help them recover faster and reduce re-injury.

Our online courses help you master functional movement so you can equip your patients with exercises that help them recover faster and reduce re-injury.

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Motus Course Library

The Rotational Athlete - From Injury To Return To Sport

Enhance your evaluative skills in screening, differential diagnosis, assessment and management of the rotational athlete. This course will help integrate technique into practice when evaluating and treating the rotational athlete utilizing the entire kinetic chain.

Earn 5.75 CEU's


The MAPP Program is designed to restore mobility and strength along the entire kinetic chain of the lower body. This course will help you train your patients in a simple 20-minute program that reduces their risk of re-injury by up to 65%.

Reduce the likelihood of a lower extremity injury in only 20 minutes a day! This 3-set series includes a dynamic movement flow, dynamic band series, and dynamic plyometric series. Can be used for pre-practice/ competition or for daily injury prevention.

$ 129.00

Mobility + Stability Program

In this program, you will learn how to teach a series of Dynamic Stretches and Mobility Exercises that target the entire kinetic chain instead of focusing on one joint at a time. These exercises are designed to improve flexibility and mobility while also helping to prevent injury. You will also learn how to incorporate these exercises into your patients’ training or recovery practices.

Additionally, you will learn how to teach patients Dynamic Neuromuscular Stabilization (DNS) exercises to improve primitive movement patterns specific to the shoulder and hip. By incorporating these exercises into your practice, you can help your patients achieve greater flexibility, strength, and overall physical fitness.

$ 99.00

CSCS Prep Course

The MOTUS Strength and Conditioning course walks you through the same exercise science, biomechanics, and workout programming professionals use so you can crush the Certified Strength and Conditioning Course Exam. In this course, you’ll develop a core understanding of how the body adapts to exercise so you can design your optimal training, reduce the likelyhood of injuries, and excel in your sport after becoming a CSCS.
Earn 5.5 CEU's

Functional Strength Exercises

Dynamic Strengthening Exercises use body weight and bands for resistance to build strength. This program teaches patients to use both upper and lower extremity exercises to increase blood flow, power, and functional dynamic strength. You will also learn how to teach Dynamic Neuromuscular Stabilization (DNS) exercises to improve your patients’ shoulder and hip-specific primitive movement patterns.
$ 375.00

Kayezen VECTOR Mobile Training System

Combine the Kayezen VECTOR with a powerful developmental kinesiology approach that optimizes your patients’ posture, movement, and performance.

The Kayezen VECTOR training video series teaches the core concepts of developmental kinesiology that make the vector system so effective, as well as how to apply them properly to a wide range of body areas or complaints so you can optimize vector training and healing protocols for your clients.

$ 49.99

Functional Exercise Bundle

$ 177.00 (Save $20!)

Master functional movement with access to all 3 courses.

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