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Real recovery is more than ultrasounds and E-Stim. If you're not wowing your patients with excellent results, it's time to switch to a new approach that actually works. Here you'll find tools, courses, and resources that teach you how to become a more efficient, effective practitioner.


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My daughter (dancer) was diagnosed with 2 herniated discs at 17 years old and was told by the orthopedic surgeon she would never dance again. Our first concern was getting her out of pain, but we were also hoping she would be able to dance again one day. We were referred to MOTUS and she started working with their staff who are not only knowledgeable, but incredibly caring and understanding of our daughter’s diagnosis and goal to dance again. MOTUS was very upfront and specific about the treatment plan. Their treatment plan not only got my daughter out of pain, but got her dancing again. We cannot say enough about the knowledge, patience and support MOTUS gave our daughter. We are so grateful and would recommend MOTUS to anyone in need of rehabilitation.
Gina W.
Dance Mom

What Pro Athletes Know About the 4P Joint-by-Joint Approach to Recovery and Injury Prevention

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Many practitioners are stuck in old school-book methods that don't address the root of the problem. MOTUS trains you to treat the entire kinetic chain, joint-by-joint, so you can wow your patients with results that last.

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