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What Does it Mean to Recover?

Recovery is a loaded term. What does it look like? What does it feel like? How can we measure and quantify recovery?

Rather than try to measure something subjective, MOTUS Physical Therapy looks to data. We measure things like muscle fatigue or lactate accumulation, or how well an athlete performs when they’re fatigued. From here, we can make trackable, tangible progress.


Movement-based therapies stimulate the body’s healing process.


Treatments are designed to help the entire kinetic chain recover – not just the site of injury.


Get back to your routine and the activities you love without the fear of re-injury.

MOTUS Client
Irene Pollock

After my first visit with MOTUS PT, the mobility in my shoulder smoother than it's every been in my life. They spent the entire hour appointment working with me on various stretches, manual therapy, and teaching me how to activate specific muscles to begin correcting an imbalance. If you're looking for advanced PT and results--this is 1000% the place!
Carly C.
Professional Photographer

Frequently Asked Questions

Yes! Utilization of the recovery tools is included in your physical therapy visits. Your physical therapist will either incorporate these devices into your session or offer the use of them before or after your session depending on the device.
Your physical therapist may include the use of these tools during your sessions depending on your individual need. Some will be used consistently, while others maybe utilized early in your rehabilitation and phased out (depending on pain, swelling, injury type, etc).
Some equipment requires your therapist to administer or supervise the use of the recovery tool, while others can be setup with direction and used independently. Rest assured you will get plenty of time with your physical therapist!
Your MOTUS physical therapist will use the best and latest recovery tools available based on your evaluation. Each session may vary, utilization of these devices will be based on the latest research to provide you with the best results. We provide evidence based care using state of the art equipment.
Most of the equipment used at MOTUS can be purchased for at home use. Your therapist can help guide you if you choose to add equipment. However, one piece of equipment, Owens Recovery Science’s personalize tourniquet system is not available to the consumer. These BFR units are medical devices regulated to be owned and operated by trained health care providers.
No, as doctors of physical therapy we are established as the first point of contact for all matters relating to the musculoskeletal system. As such your physical therapist will provide you with your plan of care and determine what equipment/devices are needed during your rehabilitation to best suit your needs and achieve your goals.

MOTUS Client
Guilana Olmos

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Many active people struggle to find long-term relief from joint and muscle pain, because they haven’t been able to pinpoint the root cause of their problem. We created a joint-by-joint approach to healing that identifies the source of your pain and restores movement with
a personalized plan, so you’re free to move and do the activities you love again.

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