Ease Your Hip Pain with These Five Proven Physical Therapy Exercises

Drew Morcos, Founder

The very term ‘Hip Pain’ may send shivers down the spine for many. It is an ailment that countless individuals fight, whether due to minor injuries, chronic inflammation, or underlying conditions such as Bursitis. The discomfort can range from mild annoyance to excruciating pain, hindering daily activities.

However, the good news is that gentle exercises and stretches can dramatically alleviate this pain and restore mobility. At MOTUS, located in the heart of Seal Beach, CA, we’ve seen firsthand the transformative power of targeted physical therapy.

So What Causes Hip Pain

Hip pain can stem from various causes. As touched upon above, muscle strains, injuries, bone fractures, arthritis, and other inflammatory disorders are common culprits. But why do these issues cause pain?

The hip joint is a pretty complex structure, and any imbalance or injury can disrupt its normal function, leading to discomfort. Flexibility and strength exercises play an instrumental role in restoring this balance, something MOTUS experts have championed with our time-tested approach.

A Few Words of Caution Before the Exercises

Before diving into exercises, it’s wise to listen to your body. If an exercise causes or aggravates pain, it’s a clear and loud signal to stop and reassess. Moreover, especially for those who’ve had hip replacements, injections, or surgeries, consulting with a physical therapist is crucial.

At MOTUS in Seal Beach, CA, we religiously follow a personalized approach, ensuring each patient’s safety and addressing their unique needs.

Five Proven Physical Therapy Exercises for Hip Pain

Here are five proven exercises that can help alleviate hip pain:

1. Hip Extensions

* Stand upright and position yourself facing a table or counter for support.
* Extend one leg straight out behind you, ensuring your foot remains flexed.
* Hold this position for a few moments, feeling the stretch in your hip, then switch to the other leg.

Religiously performing hip extensions can significantly boost the strength of the hip muscles. A strong hip muscle group ensures better mobility of the joint, which is great for athletes.

2. Knee Lifts

* Start by lying down on a flat surface with your legs fully extended.
* Gradually, lift one knee towards your chest, ensuring that the movement is controlled.
* For a better grip, hold the knee by placing both hands on top of it.
* Maintain this position for a few seconds before gently lowering your leg.
* Perform the same movement with your opposite leg.
* Repeat the exercise for a number of times you are comfortable with.

By performing this exercise regularly, you can reduce stiffness in the hip area, leading to more fluid and pain-free movements.

3. External Hip Rotations

* Begin by sitting comfortably on a chair, ensuring one foot is tucked under the chair and the other resting flat on the floor.
* Move and position your right foot toward the left knee.
* Keep the position unchanged for a few seconds.
* Bring back the foot to its original position and repeat the same a few times.

This exercise is great for improving the mobility of the hip joint and butt muscles. And it aids in fortifying the muscles around the hip.

4. Hip and Lower Back Stretches

* Lie down on your back on a flat surface.
* Gently pull both knees towards your chest, holding them securely with your hands.
* Maintain this position for a few moments, focusing on the stretch in your hip and lower back region.

This stretching exercise will alleviate tension that accumulates in the lower back and hip areas. Such tension is often a contributing factor to hip pain.

5. Pigeon Pose

* Facing downwards, place your hands and legs firmly on a flat surface.
* Bring your right knee forward and rest it on the left of your right wrist.
* Position your right leg’s ankle near your left hip.
* Keep your upper body stretching upwards over your right leg.
* Breathe slowly; lower your upper body and sink it as much as possible.
* Bring back the entire body to its original position.

When to Seek Professional Help

While the aforementioned exercises can be transformative, it’s essential to recognize the time when you need professional help. We personally advise our readers to never ever ignore signs of severe, persistent, or worsening hip pain.

Consulting a doctor or physical therapist for an individualized exercise plan is not just crucial but a wise action to take as well. MOTUS has a track record of helping numerous individuals, from professional athletes (Nick Bosa, Travis Wear, Tony Gonsolin, Yannick Hanfmann, and Travis Bowen, just to name a few) to everyday folks, regain strength, mobility, and, importantly, confidence.

Final Thoughts

Physical therapy exercises can be a beacon of hope for those fighting hip pain. Bringing these exercises into a daily routine can lead to better hip health and an active lifestyle. At MOTUS, we’re committed to helping the Seal Beach, CA community move freely and live without pain.

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