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Patients who warm up right respond better to your treatments.

A good warmup routine is like an oil change and tune up for the body. It lubricates your joints and fine-tunes muscles so your athlete patients can perform at your best.

But not all athletes follow an effective warmup routine. In fact, most warmup programs out there completely miss the key deep muscle groups that are essential if you want to maximize your patient’s mobility and stability.

The MOTUS Mobility & Stability Warmup Program equips you with exercises you quickly teach your patients so they warm up more effectively, improve your mobility and stability, and get better results in the clinic.


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Start Your Warm Up.

Grab your resistance bands, an exercise mat, and start the 45-minute program.


Mobilize, Stabilize, Thrive.

Build these exercises into your daily training to move freely, stabilize joints, and prevent injury.

What if you could boost your treatment success just by improving your patients' warmup routine?



Using dynamic movements, we activate the body’s full kinetic chain to mobilize every key muscle group for athletic mobility – even hard-to-reach deep muscles.


After we mobilize, we move to closed-chain exercises that secure and strengthen ball and socket joints and key muscle groups.

Why It Works

These exercises activate the muscles you’re missing…

If you struggle to activate the deep muscle groups in your athlete patients, you could be missing out on an opportunity to help them get the best possible results with your work. This warmup program works through key exercises based on the body’s kinetic chains of movement to access these deep muscle groups and stabilize key ball and socket joints for increased mobility, stability, recovery, and performance.

Who can you help with the Mobility & Stability Warmup Program?

This warmup program was originally designed to help our ju-jitsu athletes improve their performance, recover faster, and dominate in their competitions.

Since then, it has been used successfully by all types of athletes, especially those who rely on rotational mobility or muscle and joint stability to perform well in their sport.

From weekend warriors to pro athletes, this warmup program is designed to put anyone back in control of their health and performance.

Tennis Players
Volley Ball
And More

Your Guide To Mobility + Stability

Hi there,

I’m Drew Morcos, founder of MOTUS Specialists Physical Therapy in Orange County, California.

I developed this Mobility & Stability Warmup Program to help my own athlete patients achieve better healing results. I realized that, although they were stretching and training at a high level, these athletes weren’t mobilizing and stablizing all the muscles and joints they needed to in order to perform at a higher level. These exercises made it possible for them to boost their performance and avoid injury, simply by warming up the right way.

Now, I’m sharing the same dynamic warmup exercises with you, so you can train your patients to accelerate their progress in between sessions

Drew Morcos

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Course Testimonials

Got questions? We've got answers.
No. This warm-up program was designed to be practiced as an intensive warmup, a complete restorative workout, or as stand-alone exercises to target specific areas.
You will have ongoing unlimited access to the current version of the program as soon as you are enrolled.
Yes, this program has been approved by each individual state to get proper Continuing Education Credits for Physical Therapists. Upon completion of the course you will be directed to your certificate of completion documenting the CEUs earned.
Absolutely. This is a great way to get a head start in your career and benefit from our years of industry experience working with high-profile athletes.
Yes, the course is designed for any practitioner who works with athletes or active individuals in a therapeutic setting.
Yes! The course is developed for anyone looking to improve their performance, regardless of ability. There will be useful insight for everyone from beginners to professional athletes.
This is one of the foundational courses you need to complete to become a MOTUS Certified Specialist. Take this and the other courses at your own pace, pass our online exam, and join our community of driven sports practitioners.
Restriction and instability are a recipe for disaster.

Poor mobility and weakness do more harm than delaying progress and sabotaging performance. When left unaddressed, these issues can lead to muscle and joint damage, as well as a range of potential injuries.

We designed the Mobility & Stability Warm-Up Course to help people prevent these issues from happening by systematically restoring joint and muscle power through dynamic movement along the body’s kinetic chains.

You’ll learn simple, yet effective exercises you can teach to patients as either a full extended warm-up, or select exercises to integrate into their training routine. Not only will they grow stronger, but you’ll also gain credibility by getting your patients better, faster results.

Smarter warmups lead to better clinic results.

Get the only warmup program that works with you to get your patients back in the game.

MOTUS Client
Janelly Farias

MOTUS Client
Sam Darnold

MOTUS Client
Kyle Allen

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After my first visit with MOTUS PT, the mobility in my shoulder smoother than it's every been in my life. They spent the entire hour appointment working with me on various stretches, manual therapy, and teaching me how to activate specific muscles to begin correcting an imbalance. If you're looking for advanced PT and results--this is 1000% the place!
Carly C.
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3 Ways to Level Up Your Rehab and Injury Prevention With Us


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