The plantar fascia is a thick ligament that runs along the bottom of the foot. It connects the front of the foot with the heel, and helps us walk by supporting the arch of the foot and working as a shock absorber. When a person bears weight on their foot, the load creates tension in the plantar fascia, which in turn provides stability without requiring much muscle use.

Plantar fasciitis is a painful condition where the plantar fascia ligament becomes inflamed, usually due to tiny tears and stretches from overuse. This is a common injury for runners and sports that put repetitive strain on the heel. Most of the time plantar fasciitis occurs in active adults, and is slightly more common in females.

Plantar fasciitis can seriously affect an athlete’s performance because the pain it causes is often worse during exercise. However, methods such as strength training and stretching can be an effective way to help plantar fasciitis heal. Tt can be important to treat the pain while maintaining activity to treat the problem.


This is one of the most common causes of foot pain treated at MOTUS. Patients who come into MOTUS with plantar fasciitis usually complain of a sharp pain near the heel, especially during the first steps of the day, or after training. They may also have a tight Achilles tendon, or walk with a limp. We perform a careful examination that takes into account personal history and routine to diagnose plantar fasciitis.

In the majority of cases, we can heal plantar fasciitis with conservative care, like orthotics, rest and ice, massage, and stretching techniques. If the condition needs additional measures, we may treat with shockwave therapy or pulsed electromagnetic field therapy.

Treatment does not just focus on the plantar fascia. MOTUS is a movement specialist clinic, so our focus is on the body as a complete functional unit. Our goal is to uncover the root of the problem and help you address it so that you’re not longer at risk of plantar fasciitis. Along the way, we may locate problems outside of the foot that could be holding you back. Our treatment plans focus on improve your athletic performance and lifestyle for the long run.


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