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The team at MOTUS specializes in injury rehabilitation treatment and strength and conditioning for high school, college, and professional athletes. Proudly serving Orange County, CA.

MOTUS Client
Russell Wilson

The Greatest Ability is AVAILABILITY
- MOTUS Specialists

The physical therapy and sports medicine services at MOTUS Specialists are dedicated to providing comprehensive care for individuals  who are suffering from sports-related injuries. Our team of experienced professionals combines specialized techniques with the latest advancements in physical therapy to address a wide range of injuries affecting athletes.

Our personalized approach ensures that the rehabilitation process is tailored to your unique needs and goals. From assessment and diagnosis to customized treatment plans, we prioritize restoring functionality, preventing further injuries, and optimizing performance.

Our commitment to excellence in sports medicine allows swift and effective recovery, allowing individuals to return to their activities with confidence and resilience. 

Too many active people assume they'll just never get back to pre-injury or pre-surgery activity levels, because they haven't been able to pinpoint and treat the source of their problem.

MOTUS Specialists Areas of Expertise:

Orthopedic Rehabilitation

Strength and Conditioning

Injury Recovery

Pain Management

Movement Restoration

Massage Therapy


Chiropractic Services


Too many active people assume they'll just never get back to pre-injury or pre-surgery activity levels, because they haven't been able to pinpoint and treat the source of their problem.

Don't give up the activities you love
before you need to.

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John John Florence

The MOTUS 4P Joint Approach

MOTUS 4P Joint Approach - Person. Pain. Problem. Plan

Our innovative 4P Joint by Joint Approach was crafted to methodically identify the SOURCE of your issue, the REASON behind it, and the STRATEGIES to promote enduring strength and mobility for long-term healing.

The state-of-the-art technology powering the 4P Joint Approach is what makes our physical therapy treatments uniquely effective. Our techniques have earned the trust of elite athletes, prominent personalities, and passionate young sports enthusiasts.

We get it.
When you're struggling to find a solution,
it's hard to believe one exists.

We designed our 4P Joint by Joint Approach to systematically determine WHERE your problem is coming from, WHY it's there and HOW to get rid of it, so you can return to the activities you love without fear of permanent damage or re-injury.


Restore mobility and strength

With Board-Certified Clinical Specialists in
Sports and Orthopedics


Relieve joint and muscle pain

With evidence-based sports science and cutting-edge technology.


Return to the activities you love

With innovative 1:1 care that's given the Pros an edge on rehab and recovery.

You deserve answers and a proactive
treatment plan that's designed for your body.

Russell Wilson
NFL Quarterback

Where sports and science meets
medicine and movement

We believe full recovery is possible when you treat the person, not the problem.
But no two people are the same. So, our treatment plans kickoff with a full
60-minute movement analysis and a joint-by-joint assessment of each
component in your body’s kinetic chain.

Here’s how we can help you get back to the activities you love:

Get Your Questions Answered

Stop Googling your injury and exercises to recover. Cut through the confusion and contradictory diagnoses with our online tools and resources.

MOTUS Client
Matt Barkley


Get 1:1 Proactive Treatment Plans

Get the edge up on injury prevention, with a designed-for-you treatment plan and 1:1 care that's tailored

to your unique body and activity.

MOTUS Client
Tony Gonsolin

Physical Therapists to the Pros, Stars, and Skeptics

Discover why professional athletes, protective parents, and weekend warriors trust our 4P Joint by Joint Approach.

It's time to toss out the old school
physical therapy playbook.

We'll never hand you a stack of those black and white exercise printouts.

MOTUS Client
Sam Darnold

MOTUS Client
Kyle Allen

Level up your rehab and get
proactive rather than reactive

Schedule A Call​

We'll walk you through our 4P Joint-by-Joint Approach and set up your 60-minute 1:1 consultation.


Get Your Personalized 4P Plan

We'll pinpoint the source of your pain and design a plan to restore movement along the entire kinetic chain.


Start Moving Again

Get an edge on injury prevention, relieve joint and muscle pain, and return to activities you love with confidence.

Get back to the activities you love.

Stop wondering if you'll ever
get back to being you.

After my first visit with MOTUS PT, the mobility in my shoulder smoother than it's every been in my life. They spent the entire hour appointment working with me on various stretches, manual therapy, and teaching me how to activate specific muscles to begin correcting an imbalance. If you're looking for advanced PT and results--this is 1000% the place!
Carly C.
Professional Photographer

3 Ways to Level Up Your Rehab and Injury Prevention With Us

MOTUS 4P Joint Approach

What Pro Athletes Know About the 4P Joint-by-Joint Approach to Recovery and Injury Prevention

Grab this free video, where our very own Physical Therapist shares his secrets.

Don't let pain steal your ability
to do the activities you love

Many active people struggle to find long-term relief from joint and muscle pain, because they haven’t been able to pinpoint the root cause of their problem. We created a joint-by-joint approach to healing that identifies the source of your pain and restores movement with
a personalized plan, so you’re free to move and do the activities you love again.

How can you speed up recovery from injuries and prevent injuries? You can do that by getting evidence-based medicine advice from medical professionals with years of experience. They will be sent straight into your mailbox each month.