How to Prevent the Most Common Volleyball Injuries

Drew Morcos, Founder

Injuries are inevitable in any sport, and it definitely happens in volleyball. A simple Google search tells us that there are hundreds of volleyball-related injuries annually. What they don’t tell you is that a percentage of these injuries can be prevented, and it hardly takes any time to do so.

If you’re looking for sports injury care in the Seal Beach CA area, do get in touch with Motus Physical Therapy. That said, let’s take a look at steps you can take to prevent yourself from being injured while playing your favorite sport.

Proper Warming Up Routine

The easiest thing to prevent injuries, and ironically, one step that a lot of people forget, is proper warming up. Improper stretching and warmup are the biggest causes of injuries. Muscles are like rubber bands, and they need to be stretched before they’re exerted. If they are not stretched properly, you can damage them.

The key is to have a good warmup session that works your whole body. Your coach or senior players can help you create your warmup session with pointers.

Keep Yourself Fit During Offseason

Another area where injuries can happen is right after the offseason. Volleyball is a physically demanding sport requiring a lot of physical fitness. Sometimes, people tend to slack off a bit during the offseason or holidays, which means they can end up putting on weight. Since they carry a lot more weight, they are more prone to being injured on the court.

The added weight is also accompanied by losing musculature, which translates into a double problem. Keep yourself fit with exercises around the house during holidays or when the weather prevents you from getting to the gym.

Get the Right Equipment

Regardless of your expertise with volleyball, something that you cannot afford to compromise on is your equipment. While there isn’t a great deal of equipment that is normally used on a volleyball court, you need to know them well to make use of them. The most important is your shoes.

Since there are going to be sudden movements and awkward landings when playing volleyball, you need to get a pair with enough ankle support. You can even bolster this with added ankle support through braces. Also, invest in good-quality knee pads that protect you during falls or dives.

Focus On Your Technique

Not many people focus on this, but volleyball requires technique and finesse to come out on top. The key here is to do a lot of exercises that help improve your balance on and off your feet. If you smash the ball a lot, you need to be able to jump and land without incident. The same goes for moving and diving around the court.

Practice these moves to perfection, and never try these for the first time in a game. Also, when you’re close to the net, remember not to grab at the net. You can cause injury to yourself or other players when you do this.

Limit Your Playing Sessions

If volleyball is your favorite sport, it’s easy to get carried away and sign up for every club and tournament. The problem with this is that it invites overuse injuries, especially if you’re only focusing on volleyball. Repetitive stress injuries are common when someone only plays a lot of one type of sport.

The key is to limit your time with competitive games and space them out throughout the year. The best thing to do would be to educate yourself about these kinds of repetitive stress injuries so you can avoid them.

Proper Hydration Is Key

If you’re living in a really hot place or playing long sessions, you tend to sweat a lot. Left unchecked, this can lead to dehydration. Dehydration can lead to a lot of issues, like cramps and sprains. Keeping yourself hydrated through fluids like water and electrolytes is the key to preventing dehydration.

Ensure that you do not consume diuretic drinks like caffeine or alcohol before and after a game. A good rule of thumb is to have an 8-ounce cup of water every 20 minutes.

Prepare for Injuries

While you can take a lot of precautions for injuries, sometimes injuries just happen. When prevention doesn’t work, preparation can be the key to minimizing the damage due to injury. Always ensure your team has a first aid kit that has all the necessary items to help players through minor issues like cuts, bruises, or sprains.

Here, coaches need to take the lead and be more active. They should be aware of best practices and medical protocols when a player is injured.

We hope this has given you enough insight to prevent volleyball injuries in Seal Beach, CA. The most injury-prone area of the body during volleyball is the ankle. The best way to prevent injuries to the ankle is to warm up and use proper braces. Also, footwear is critical to staying away from injuries, get shoes that have adequate support for your feet.

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