What are the Benefits of Sports Physical Therapy to Athletes?

Drew Morcos, Founder
Benefits of Sports Physical Therapy to Athletes

Athletes constantly push their bodies to the limits of human endurance on a daily basis. Something that is often overlooked but vital in the life of an athlete is sports physical therapy. But of late, sports therapy is considered indispensable to them and a part of their training and recovery strategies.

All things considered, sports therapy is a great way to defuse stress and physical strain without medication. It has a great track record with the athletic fraternity about keeping away injury, elevating performance and shortening recovery time.

Let’s look into sport PT and the benefits it offers people in more detail.

Understanding the Role of Sports Physical Therapy

Sports physical therapy plays a hugely important role when it comes to any athlete’s well-being. It is a branch of physical therapy that helps people who are engaged in a particular sporting discipline to increase their performance and reduce injury related issues. The goal of any physical therapy program is to improve performance, reduce the chance of injury, and help them unlock their true potential.

Specialized Techniques in Sports Physical Therapy

●      Manual Therapy

The first thing people think of when discussing physical therapy is manual therapy. Manual therapy is done only with hands and is usually carried out by experienced physiotherapists. It involves deep massage and manipulation of your muscles, joints, and soft tissue.

There are several manual methods that therapists follow for better pain relief and recovery.

Joint Mobilization – Therapists apply controlled and graded forces to the affected joint area to reduce pain and restore optimal range of motion.

Soft Tissue Manipulation – This kind of therapy is done for people who suffer from poor mobility of joints and stiff soft tissues due to tension or inactivity. It improves circulation and increases flexibility.

Stretching – One of the more recommended programs by physical therapists to improve stability and increase flexibility is stretching. The goal of stretching is to stretch and elongate muscles thereby increasing their resistance to improving range of motion.

●      Therapeutic Exercise Programs

Therapeutic exercises are an inseparable part of sports physical therapy and are usually tailored to a specific individual or a sport. It focuses on improving strength, agility, endurance, and coordination. Therapeutic exercises consist of several types of programs.

Strength Training – Also known as weight or resistance training, strength training is a range of physical movements created to improve strength and flexibility. Athletes in any discipline can benefit from strength training.

Flexibility Exercises – While strength is important, flexibility is an often overlooked factor when training athletes. Flexibility is improved through stretching and one-on-one sessions with experienced trainers. Being flexible prevents injury and improves athletic performance.

Proprioception Training – Proprioception training or balance training are a collection of exercises and movements dedicated to improve the stability of your joints. This is very important because it reduces the risk of injury to an athlete.

●      Neuromuscular Reeducation

Neuromuscular Reeducation – Something important to note about athletic performance is that it is a collection of repetitive movement patterns over a period of time. Neuromuscular reeducation aims to improve this ability of the athlete to execute these movements optimally and without any risks.

Stability Training – Practicing these movements and reworking neural pathways result in building better body mechanics in the athlete. It results in better stability whale executing these movements.

Better Functional Movement – Functional movement is a set of actions that every athlete needs to do correctly. Every sport has a different set of functional movements, for example, soccer players kick the ball a lot during a game. Functional training improves their ability to execute these movements through guidance and practice.

Benefits of Sports Physical Therapy

●      Injury Prevention and Performance Enhancement

Any physical therapist’s goal is to ensure that their clients don’t have to go through a painful injury. But if they do pick up a niggle, therapists get them through it as quickly as possible. A lot of this is done through careful analysis of these athletes during their games or practice. The therapist then creates a biomechanical report which highlights all their findings. This can help work on their flaws and get more optimal performance.

Another benefit of having a sports therapist by your side is that they can create customized and reliable sports training programs. These can improve your strength, flexibility, stability, and endurance – all key parts of sports. Physical education is important and it helps you understand your body better.

●      Rehabilitation and Recovery

Injuries are part and parcel of every athlete’s life. But with trained physical therapists by their side, recovery times can be drastically reduced. In fact, with proper training, chronic injuries can be completely avoided as well. Physical therapists can work with athletes and create customized training plans and progressive exercises to rebuild strength and range of motion.

Pain management is vital to the performance and longevity of an athlete’s career. Like we said before, injuries are sometimes unavoidable due to the workload a modern athlete puts on their body. But physical therapists can help accelerate their recovery through heat/cold application, electrical stimulation, and even ultrasound. All of these tools and techniques can reduce the injury and quicken recovery period.

The Importance of Sports Physical Therapy in Athletes Lives

Athletes lead demanding lives, and they push their physical selves to the absolute limits every day. Without proper physical therapy, this can lead to frequent injuries and lower performance. Physical therapists can help athletes in several areas, including injury prevention, improved performance, better range of motion, and quicker recovery.

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