5 Ways Physical Therapy Will Heal Your Chronic Shoulder Pain

Drew Morcos, Founder

Shoulder pain can sometimes come without warning, and when it does, most people don’t know what to do. This kind of pain can be horrible, and it can prevent you from your daily routine. But what most people don’t know is that there are actual causes for shoulder pain. Taking some action on your part can help mitigate this type of strain manifesting in your body.

Causes of Shoulder Pain

Overuse – One of the most common causes of shoulder pain, both minor and acute. Repetitive motions can take a huge toll on your shoulders and cause discomfort. If you don’t get it looked at or treated – it can get worse!

Poor Posture – Another contributor to shoulder pain and strain is poor posture. With a lot of us sitting in front of the computer for hours a day, poor posture is more common now than ever. You need to practice good posture even when you’re sitting. Minimize slouching, which can cause more pressure on your shoulders and neck.

Muscle Strain – If you’ve been hitting the gym and done some shoulder work without the right form, this can happen. Always take care to warm up and cool down before and after your exercise session. Get inputs from your trainer and discuss your routine with them. If they aren’t able to help, get in touch with your physical therapist.

Tendon Tears – Another painful shoulder condition, tendon tears can be due to overuse, aging, or untreated injuries. The pain can be quite discomforting, and it can feel like your shoulder is on fire. The best recourse is to get to a professional physical therapist as quickly as you can.

Benefits of Physical Therapy for Shoulder Pain

1. Expert Manual Therapy

The biggest benefit of a professional physical therapist is their expertise with manual physical therapy. For many cases of shoulder pain, proper physical therapy can be the solution for you. There are proven studies that state physical therapy’s effectiveness at healing and preventing shoulder pain.

With their skill at manipulating joints and muscles, physical therapists are often the first line of defense against pains and aches of this nature. They also have the insights to suggest proper exercise routines and other remedial methods to help you recover.

2. Pain Management

Helping you manage pain is another critical function of physical therapy. You might be suffering anything from mild discomfort to searing pain, depending on the nature of your injury. Proper physical therapy can help you overcome your pain with movements that offer immediate relief.

Professional physical therapists from Seal Beach CA have a lot of experience in this area. They can suggest various exercises that can help reduce your pain. They use techniques like heat therapy, ice therapy, and electrical stimulation to help you manage your pain.

3. Functional Training

There is a significant difference between physical therapy and other modes of treatment like surgeries. Physical therapy is more about restoring functional movement back to your body. While other treatments only focus on pain reduction and not holistic treatment. PT is about getting you ready for real-life situations.

It’s a great idea to take the time to discuss your daily routine and activity with your therapist. This can give them information that can help them guide you to a proper recovery plan. The goal of physical therapy sessions is not just to reduce pain but to carry on with your life unassisted.

4. Improved Mobility

Physical therapy also has another important benefit – improved mobility. Loss of mobility is a serious issue post-recovery, and anyone who has undergone surgery can attest to this. People find themselves with drastically limited movement and this can have a detrimental effect on the person’s psyche and motivation.

Physical therapy looks at recovery incrementally. It sets small but achievable goals that can help patients recover their mobility. One of the most notable aspects of physical therapy compared to other methods is that it is not one-dimensional. Physical therapy is aimed at restoring the mobility that you lost post-injury and getting you freedom from pain.

5. Rehabilitation and Education

Other types of treatments, like corticosteroid injections, surgery, and pain medication, do not address the root cause of the problem. What does this mean? The patient might recover from the pain. But since the underlying issue remains, they have to go back to more treatments. This becomes an endless cycle which can be mentally draining.

Physical therapy focuses on rehabilitating the patient’s affected area. By doing this, you can significantly minimize the chances of injuries recurring in the same place. Physical therapists also help people learn better ways of injury prevention, like improving their posture and warm up routines. Patients can also get actionable advice on a range of subjects related to their health, like diets and exercise.

Chronic shoulder pain is one of the most common injuries, and physical therapy is a great way to deal with it. Looking for professional physical therapy clinics in the Seal Beach CA area? We at MOTUS Physical Therapy are the people you want. With experienced therapists and a state-of-the-art clinic, we can ensure your shoulders become stronger and more resilient. Call now to book your appointment!

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