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With the use of cutting edge state of the art technology our
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MOTUS Client
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When I first came to MOTUS I was rehabbing from shoulder labrum surgery rand they helped me so much getting back to the court after 4 months of rehab. Later, I tore my ACL in September and had surgery in October with my school. I came back for Christmas break and worked with the MOTUS team 10 times and they got me to full range of motion! When I left school my surgeon was talking about doing a manipulation once I get back, but with the help of the MOTUS staff it is no longer needed. I cannot express how amazing MOTUS is and how much they have helped me get back to the court after my shoulder surgery and how much progress I have made being here from my knee surgery. Thank you MOTUS, you are truly the best.
Lily T.
Collegiate Volleyball Athlete

3 Ways to Level Up Your Rehab and Injury Prevention With Us


What Pro Athletes Know About the 4P Approach™ to Recovery and Injury Prevention

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Many active people struggle to find long term relief from joint and muscle pain, because they haven’t been able to pinpoint the root cause of their problem. We created a joint by joint approach to healing that identifies the source of your pain and restores movement with
a personalized plan, so you’re free to move and do the activities you love again.

How can you speed up recovery from injuries and prevent injuries? You can do that by getting evidence-based medicine advice from medical professionals with years of experience. They will be sent straight into your mailbox each month.